Where is my presenter mode?

During my preparation for my latest meetup talk, I noticed that I wasn’t able to switch to presenter mode in Visual Studio. The Quick launch tasks were simply not there.

What now? In the past they were part of the productivity power tools extension. This was installed, but no quick launch tasks for me. 🙁

After some research together with the audience, we found the reason. The presenter mode quick launch tasks were moved to a separate extension and this was not installed. The productivity power tools are now a meta extensions, that has dependencies on a lot of other extensions.

So after installing the extension and restarting VS I had the presenter mode back. So if you are searching it sometime in the future, the extension is called Quick Launch Tasks.

PS: I am sure, that the extension was missing is due to my development setup, multiple dev machines (4 machines at 3 locations) and extension roaming. So no bad feeling against the extension developer for this.