Playing With AngularJS and Suave

After I found Suave.IO (lightweight HTTP Server in F#) I wanted to try it out. As I also wanted to play with AngularJS (I know I am a little bit late, but normally I get out of the way of web development). So why not combine both and create a small webserver that hosts the web app and the webservices.

As example for the AngularJS app, I used the PhoneCat Tutorial App from AngularJS.

You find the complete source on GitHub here: AngularSuave Repository

Explanation step-by-step:

let mimeTypes =
        >=> (function | ".json" -> mkMimeType "application/json" true | _ -> None)

In the default mime types from Suave is no entry for json- Files. So I simply add it.

let rootPath = Path.GetFullPath "../../../Web"

The source files for the AngularJS are located in a separate project.

let webConfig = 
        defaultConfig with 
            homeFolder = Some rootPath
            mimeTypesMap = mimeTypes

I use the default server config that is shipped with Suave and only adjust the needed parts.

let getPhone phoneName =
    printfn "getting data for phone: %s" phoneName

    let phoneFolder = Path.Combine(rootPath, "app", "phones")
    browseFile phoneFolder phoneName

Function to return the data for the phones. It is stored as json- Files.

let api =
            GET >>= choose 
                    pathScan "/api/phones/%s" (fun s -> getPhone s)

In Suave you have WebParts which can react on the different urls. Here I react on all calls to /api/phones/ and call the function to get the phone data.

let getFile name =
    let rootPath = webConfig.homeFolder.Value
    browseFile rootPath name

Function to return the file content of the requested file.

let angularApp =
        [ GET >>= choose
                path "/" >>=  redirect "app/index.html"
                pathScan "/%s" (fun s -> getFile s)                

The AngularJS app is still located under /app/. So I make a redirect, when you simple browse to the root page. For all other request to /, I simple return the requested file.

let app =

The choose web part executes every web part in the list and only stops if someone is successful. In this case, the correct order is important, because the /%s in the angularApp WebPart will eat every request. If the order is changed, no call is ever made to the api Webpart.

let main argv = 
    let cts = new CancellationTokenSource()
    let startingServer, shutdownServer = startWebServerAsync webConfig app
    Async.Start(shutdownServer, cts.Token)
    startingServer |> Async.RunSynchronously |> printfn "started: %A"
    printfn "Press Enter to stop"
    Console.Read() |> ignore

At the end, I simply start the the webserver with the individual web config and the app WebPart.

When you start the programm and open http://localhost:8083/ you can see the PhoneCat Tutorial App hosted by Suave.IO.

So have fun with it. 😉