SpecFlow 2.2 and SpecFlow+ 1.6 finally released

Finally after 13 months, SpecFlow 2.2 and SpecFlow+ 1.6 (Runner and Excel) were finally released yesterday.
Here are the official release notes: http://specflow.org/category/release-notes.

Two changes make me very happy.

The first is the removal of the MSBuild dependency. This was always a pain, as MSBuild sometimes used a cached version of your current project which was not actual. So if you added files to your project, it could be that the code-behind-file generator does not know about it. Especially in SpecFlow+Excel was this often a reason for problems.

The second is, that you can get now the FeatureContext as parameter of your Before/After- Feature hooks. With that, you do not need any more FeatureContext.Current (which has limitation in parallel execution scenarios).

I am also very happy, that finally got time to add support for the XUnit ITestOutputHelper (https://github.com/techtalk/SpecFlow/pull/874). Thanks to Pushkar Apte for it!

So, lets start work on the next release. Will it be 2.3 or 3.0? Lets see what happens. 😉